Fence panel with door

We at Fencekings offer custom-made fence panel with doors. Please note that we do not keep them in stock, but you can contact us by phone or email to place your order. Our panels are available in two sizes: 6ft x 6ft and 6ft x 5ft.

 Fence panel with door. 

We are a local fence company offering fence panels garden gates, fencing repair service,. Concrete and timber fence posts installations, and the building of garden gates, providing a complete fencing service
We make, install, and build fencing and garden side gates to your specifications.

Our pressure-treated fence panel with door built in made in the UK with quality materials, these fence panels with gate are pressure treated to resist decay and insects attacts, we have two sizes  available 6x6 or 6x5. Our fence panel gates will blend with any closeboard  fence panels,  

Installation is very easy; there is no need  to dig holes The gate panels are designed to fit  into the space of a regular fence panel,slide old panel out slide new fence panel gate in and your done, making the job easy. The strong construction ensures your gate will withstand daily use .

Choose our pressure-treated  fence panel gates with a door for a time-saving solution of installing a gate with posts seperataly. will save you money and labour costs.

  1. Quality Materials: high-quality materials pressure treated to resist rot and fungle attack best quality  timber goes into making these fence panels with doors  to ensure durability and longevity.

  2. Design Options: we have two design options available for customers to choose from 6ft high 6ft wide or 5ft high 6ft wide. available in golden brown which blends in perfactly with our fence panels 

  3. Functional Doors:  functionality of the doors opens inwards also integrated into the fence panelgates are 2 T hinges no locks

  4. Professional Installation:  professional installation if you would like us to complete the job services to ensure that the custom fence panels are installed correctly and securely.

  5. Concrete Fence Posts:  These fence panels with doors are intended to slide into the slotted concrete fence posts, including  intermediate, corner, or end posts.