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Closeboard garden gate

Closeboard Featheredge Garden Gate: this gate has a fully framed design with ledgered and bracing and vertical featheredge boards with a weather top cap; pressure-treated brown; well-made and reasonably priced. Fencekings pedestrian entrance  side or rear access gate.

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closeboard garden gate pressure treated brown

closeboard wooden garden gate
Front view, Garden gate

closeboard timber garden gate
rear view, Garden gate

wooden fence or gate post
size 3x3 or 4x4

  1. Construction: It is fully framed, which means it has a sturdy structure for durability.
  2. Featheredge Boards: These vertical boards slightly overlap, forming a solid barrier. 
  3. Weather Top Cap: The gate comes with a weather top cap, adding protection against the elements.
  4. Pressure-Treated Brown: The gate is treated to resist wood rot and fungal decay, ensuring its longevity.
  5. Reasonably Priced: Despite its quality, this gate is reasonably priced.
  6. Pedestrian Side Gate: The gate commonly used in residential settings It’s designed for pedestrian access, making it ideal for side garden entrances or rear access to your garden or pathways.