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Picket Fence Panels: round, pointed and flat tops

Picket fencing is a classic and charming choice for enhancing the aesthetics of your property while providing a functional boundary.

Picket fencing

Picket fence, round top 

Picket fence, pointed top

Picket fence, flat top

  1. Round Top Wooden Pales: The round-top design adds a soft and elegant touch to the picket fence. The curved finish of the wooden panels creates a visually pleasing look. This style is often chosen for properties with a more traditional or cottage-like aesthetic.

  2. Pointed Top Pales: Pointed top pales bring a more classic and timeless appearance to the picket fence. 

  3. Flat Top Palisade Fence Pales: For a clean and contemporary look, flat-top palisade fence panels are an excellent choice. The straight horizontal lines create a modern and streamlined appearance, The wooden pales measures 900 x 22 x 75 mm

are secured with back rails. The pressure-treated wood adds to its durability and protects against rot, decay, and insect damage for years.