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Pressure treated timber

25-year guarantee on all timber fence products

Pressure-treated wood undergoes a chemical treatment under pressure to enhance its durability and resistance to decay, insects, and weathering, making it suitable for outdoor use. The strength of the panels is crucial for outdoor applications, where they may be exposed to various weather conditions. This is typically achieved through the use of sturdy materials and construction techniques.Fence panels are pressure-treated against rot and insect attack.
Timber fence posts come pressure-treated in all popular sizes. Wooden gravel boards come pressure-treated
Trellis panels come pressure-treated in various designs to suit different aesthetic preferences and functional needs, including square or diagonal lattice patterns, and some may feature decorative elements or specific shapes. When choosing or installing trellis panels, consider factors such as the type of wood or material used, the design that complements your outdoor space, and the required dimensions for your specific application. Proper installation and maintenance are also essential for the longevity and effectiveness of the trellis panels in your garden or landscape.

Yes, you can paint pressure-treated wood a different colour after it has been prepped.