Plain smooth Concrete Gravel Boards

These heavy-duty gravel boards are made from wet cast high-strength concrete and reinforced steel rods to ensure durability and a long-lasting product.

Plain smooth precast steel reinforced Gravel Boards

Concrete gravel boards are durable and sturdy components commonly used in fencing systems to provide support and protection to the fence panels. Here's a detailed description of reinforced concrete gravel boards:

  1. Material Composition:

    • Concrete: Gravel boards are primarily made of concrete, a robust and long-lasting construction material. The concrete used in these boards is often reinforced to enhance strength and durability.
  2. Reinforcement:

    • Steel Reinforcement: To improve the tensile strength and prevent cracking, concrete gravel boards are typically reinforced with steel. Steel rods or mesh are embedded within the concrete during the manufacturing process. This reinforcement helps the gravel board withstand lateral forces and maintain its structural integrity over time.
  3. Dimensions and Design:

    • Size and Thickness: Concrete gravel boards come in various sizes, but they are generally rectangular and are available in standard dimensions. Common thicknesses range from 50mm to 150mm.
    • Length and Width: The length and width are designed to match standard fence panel sizes, providing a seamless fit and support.
  4. Surface Texture:

    • Smooth Finish: The surface of the gravel board is usually finished to be smooth, making it aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. The smooth finish also prevents moisture absorption and makes cleaning the boards more straightforward.
  5. Weight:

    • Heavyweight: Due to the use of reinforced concrete, gravel boards are relatively heavy. This weight contributes to their stability and ability to resist movement caused by external forces or environmental conditions.
  6. Installation:

    • Ease of Installation: Concrete gravel boards are designed for easy installation. They typically have slots or recesses that allow them to slide into concrete posts or other supporting structures, forming a secure and stable foundation for the fence panels.
  7. Durability:

    • Weather Resistance: Concrete gravel boards are resistant to weathering, decay, and insect damage. This makes them well-suited for outdoor use in various climates.
    • Long Lifespan: The combination of concrete and steel reinforcement gives these boards a long lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  8. Applications:

    • Fencing Support: Gravel boards are primarily used as a base for fence panels, providing them with elevation and protection from ground moisture. This helps extend the life of the fence by preventing the panels from coming into direct contact with the ground.

In summary, reinforced concrete gravel boards are robust, weather-resistant, and durable components commonly used in fencing systems to provide a stable and long-lasting foundation for fence panels. The incorporation of steel reinforcement enhances their strength, making them a reliable choice for various outdoor applications.

We can provide you with new, affordable premium-profile smooth gravel boards (6" or 1ft high) for your concrete posts in Essex, specifically in the Colchester and Clacton areas. These heavy-duty boards are made from high-strength concrete and reinforced steel rods to ensure durability and a long-lasting product. They are cost-effective and can withstand any weather, providing trouble-free service for years. We offer all sizes, and they fit under standard fence panels.

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