Premium Closeboard Fence Panel


Premium Quality Fence Panels. Our heavy duty strong high-quality timber premium fence panels are weather-capped for extra protection and superior durability, benefit from a 25-year guarantee against rot and insect infestation due to our rigorous pressure treatment process these panels are easy to install and require minimal maintenance.  We are a local fence company offering premium quality fence panels garden gates, fencing repair service,. Concrete and timber fence posts installations, and the building of garden gates, providing a complete fencing service
We make, install, and build fencing and garden side gates to your specifications. 

Product Options

Fence Supply Deliveries:

Local Deliveries CM3 6EU: No minimum order is required further away; a minimum order applies.

Deliveries: We deliver to the curbside, front garden, or driveway; there are no carry-throughs unless prearranged.

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