Rock faced gravel board


Wet-cast steel-reinforced rock-faced gravel boards are essential components in modern fencing systems, providing both practical and aesthetic benefits. These boards are produced through a wet-cast process, which involves pouring a high-quality concrete mix into moulds and vibrating to remove air bubbles, ensuring a smooth finish and uniform density. The curing process is controlled, enhancing the overall quality of the product. The incorporation of steel reinforcement rods within the concrete substantially increases the strength and durability of these gravel boards, making them a reliable and long-lasting choice for your fencing needs.

Fence Supply Deliveries:

Local Deliveries CM3 6EU: No minimum order is required further away; a minimum order applies.

Deliveries: We deliver to the curbside, front garden, or driveway; there are no carry-throughs unless prearranged.

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