Trellis panels 5" squares

Fencekings suppliers of good quality cheap cost effective   trellis panels 5" squares fence panels.  Wooden timber heavy duty battens we use have been pressure treated . Garden screening trellis panels which can be used as a fence topper or fence boundary. Our garden trellis is manufactured and crafted from wooden battens in to trellis panels and can be used with concrete  slotted or wooden fence posts for fencing or for climbing plants against a wall. Wooden garden trellis is manufactured  using sawn soft  wood creating top quality garden 5" square trellis panels and versatile heavy duty trellis Fencekings 5" square trellis garden panels.

Garden Trellis Panels 5" Squares pressure treated heavy duty

Fencekings  5" square  trellis garden panels are available Imperial: 6ft x 6ft. Metric: 1.83m x 1.83m. Imperial: 6ft x 5ft. Metric:1.83m x 1500mm.  Imperial: 6ft x 4ft. Metric: 1.83m x 1200mm. Imperial: 6ft x 3ftx Metric: 1.83m X 900mm. Imperial: 6ft x 2ft. Metric:1.83x 600mm.Imperial. 6ft x 1ft. Metric: 1.83m x 300mm